Kirjoittaja Aihe: Feel like so -listaus  (Luettu 1929 kertaa)


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Feel like so -listaus
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Aiempi aihe oli Amin tekemä, mutta koska uudelleen päivityksessä oli ongelma, mun täytyi tehdä tämä aihe uudestaan.

PÄIVITETTY: 3.7.2020

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Heinäkuu Wind: Cool wind going though verdure. I want to pedaling along in the sunshine?? Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Street: I can not be quiet! Let's go out to the city and pop with the loved companion! ...Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Moon: Cute personality and activity. I found new in me. I will be heroin tonight?...Feel like so.

Syyskuu Squall: I am in off-season Asian resort, being freed from daily bustle. Relax and healing in sudden squall...

Syyskuu Bouquet: Feel like I am in highland cottage, enjoying the beauty of the flowers.

Lokakuu Carol: In snowing holy night, my singing voice is intermingle with bell sound. The moment town becomes visionary...Feel like so.

Marraskuu Noir: In the darkness where I can feel comfortable. Only white moon can shine me ... ...Feel like so.

Marraskuu Leprotto: Pajama party tonight! Let's knock out everyone with special costume! ...Feel like so.

Joulukuu Withered: Feeling cold wind through my cheek. Walking fallen leaves tree avenue aimlessly, to the place someone or something waiting for me...Feel like so.

Tammikuu Venus: AMERICA is in my hand! I am NO.1!! Miss America!!... Feel like so.

Tammikuu Savon: My favorite time, taking a bath is fantasically lovely! I want to refresh in & out! ...Feel like so.

Helmikuu Nomado: The place I am in is my stage. My song will reach to you, to anywhere!!... Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Arietta: Under the clear sky, fluttering my long hair with gentle breeze, I am hurrying to the Spain squire where Namu is waiting for me…Feel like so.

Huhtikuu Bianca: Feel the light that tuns everything pure and precious. Like sunshine on the softest white cashmere... Feel like so

Toukokuu Anne Shirley: Like Anne Shirley, I want to dream away that I like surrounding beautiful nature... Feel like so.

Toukokuu Happy Birthday Namu&Pullip: Happy time...... It's more like Romeo and Juliet...... ... Feel like so.

Kesäkuu Nero: Pop and creative! Now we feel very trendy 60's fashion! ...Feel like so.

Kesäkuu Principessa: Look at my stately beauty. Nobody is better than me. Do you know why? I am a princess? ?Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Fantastic Alice: A wonderland like dream... I am chasing the rabbit and wandering into there... Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Oren: Chic chick, so lady-like. Planning a party, got to do some shoppinng ......Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Purezza: Blue sky, white clouds and sounds of waves make me clear. I want to be ? Me? with pure & clear feeling to the end of time?.. Feel like so.

Elokuu Panda: I don't care hotness! Bear up and work hard under the hot weather today, too! ... Feel like so.

Syyskuu Fourrure: You can feel classic mode in today's my runway. I am stylishly dressed in a high-end fur... Feel like so.

Syyskuu Mitzi: Wild and Free...... Partying till after Three...... Feel like so!!

Lokakuu Little Red Riding Hood: Mom sent me to My Grandma's house, and I am walking in the wood. Have to have care for Mr. Wolf ! Feel like so.

Marraskuu Sacralita: Shall we pray to god with sacred heart. May our blessing reaches the heavens...Feel like so.

Joulukuu Vivien: I am Hollywood star shining in the light  Walking on the red carpet in gorgeous. Cheese ! ?.. ?Feel like so.

Joulukuu China China: Nihao, I am expert of giving eveyone a surprise!! Feel like so!!

Tammikuu Fanatica: I LOVE PUNKS!! I groove tonight's LIVE with my love hell doll, to the nethermost hell ...Feel like so.

Helmikuu Winter Purezza: Pure white snow & coid air, how fresh winter is ! Let's go outside in such a cold winter time! ...Feel like so.

Helmikuu Chicca: With My Love Sweets, Go to My Love Amusement Park ...Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Afternoon: In the afternoon of day-off, I go out for a trip with my love doggy. Stepping! lalala~lala, lu~lu...♪ Feel like so.

Huhtikuu COSMIC Mercu: Hello ! Hello ! It's Mercu, I'm catching an alien! I got it! Feel like so.

Huhtikuu COSMIC Jupi: Hello, it's Jupi. I'm patrolling in the space. I assure your safety!! Feel like so.

Toukokuu ASSA: MUSIC in my mind anytime. Check new staffs out every day, dance to the beat!! ...Feel like so.

Toukokuu Paja: Roar roar !! Wannabe strong monster and get costume like this? Feel like this.

Toukokuu Happy Birthday Pullip&Namu: Their love ends here. They firmly stand on the ground and will head
to the different way..

Heinäkuu Lan AKE: The scarlet kimono and doll are like my style. I love time taking with AI sitting on the verandah..... ...Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Lan AI: The indigo blue kimono and doll are like my style. I love time taking a walk with AKE under the sun..... ...Feel like so.

Syyskuu Summer Purezza: Blue sky & white clouds. Mid-summer scorching sunlight gives my skin a suntan. I've met new summer with pure feeling...Feel like so.

Syyskuu Rovam: Let's set out seeking for coming treasure !! My dream is huger, and is deeper than the ocean... ...Feel like so.

Lokakuu Greggia: The day spent with everyone is 100% much of fun than alone !! So, we can be together all my life ! ? Feel like this.

Joulukuu Latte: AT SUNSET?? drift of clouds across the sky carries autumn. IN AVENUE?? fragrant MOCHA aroma tickles my nose. ? Feel Like this.

Joulukuu Raphia: I love pure white like sweetie sugar ! My body and heart can be pure white like sugar......Feel like so.

Tammikuu Cornice: Raven-black wings, gimlet eyes, Is the world a real or illusion? Oasis like mystery emits dark light..... ...Feel like so.

Helmikuu Winter/Fall Purezza: I 've experienced various thing this year too...... Well, Let's go to a bargain for refreshing ! ..Feel like so.

Helmikuu RIDa: Ever since I can remember, I?ve been pelted with rain? Tears are insignificant and weak, Feel like this.

Maaliskuu Holly: I look at the store window, wishing sometime, one day ! …Feel like so.

Huhtikuu Nina: Skip on the way to school. ‘Good Morning!’Of course OK. Sent an email to my boyfriend!!…Feel like so

Toukokuu Nahh-ato: Maharaja, tonight ! Dancing all night ! Rubbing the lamp, A genie is coming out! WOW ! Abracadabra... Feel like so…

Kesäkuu Eternia: Exchanging a eternal love... Our love is growing up by one step. ...Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Craziia: Booming, My feeling ! To my proud life...Here is my ultimate life now... Feel like so.

Elokuu Papin: Popping moment and eternal power! 'Colorful' 'fiction' My source!!....Feel Like so.

Syyskuu Brand New Purezza: My one birthday. Even the time waiting for him is a kind of fun for me. It?s been six months since I go out with him, but still my heart goes first ?Feel like so.

Lokakuu Zuora: Cover the sky into the darkness. Don't be scared. All will vanish into the dark...Feel like so.

Marraskuu Shinku: I am Shinku. The fifth doll of Rozen Maiden. Be patient. You were turned to be my medium.... Feel like so.

Joulukuu Chill: Standing in silvery landscape. In my sight, aurora wrinkles. Cold makes it more mysteriaous.... Feel like so.

Tammikuu Suigintou: I am the one absolutely appropriate for Alice. I will change you junk?. fu fu fu?. Feel like so.

Tammikuu Haute: Fighting traffic in LA is tough. But, energized from my latte, I am ready to window
shop all day and night .... Feel like so.

Helmikuu Stica: I am baking cookies and making tea for my master. When I am hungry, I snitch a little ?? Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Suiseiseki: Sui Dream, please fill my water pot. With sweet water?. Feel like so.

Huhtikuu Alte: Lovely time with my doggy. I take a walk in gentle shine. It is the beginning of comfortable day, and I feel it is going to be a pleasant one?.. Feel like so.

Toukokuu Souseiseki: I want to make my father?s dream come true as a doll. I battle with all of you, and will be Alice ?. Feel like so.

Kesäkuu Blanche: Those flowers smile gently with refreshing wind and light. May bless of the wind to everyone? Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Barasuishou: You can not fight. How weak and poor you are. Then, I will damage you?. Feel like so.

Elokuu Aquel: In quiet summer, quiet midafternoon.The shadows of parasol is like aquarium...I am under the water now... Feel like so.

Syyskuu Another Alice: I was at a loss somewhere once again. Mysterious feeling I have looked at here or not... Such a feeling.

Syyskuu Another Queen: Oh my dear. Who entered my world? This world is mine. What color is a color of today's rose? ... Such a feeling.

Syyskuu Uncanricky: This is an odd and mysterious world. The chime is ringing for the show time. Here the curtain is ready to rise, leading you into the strange world?.feel like so.

Syyskuu Kirakishou: I complement myself to be the girl of supremacy... Feel like so.

Lokakuu Hello Kitty: Kitty I love... I gonna be her ! ..... feel like so.

Marraskuu Veritas: No border between the sky and this mighty ocean.
The journey to the new world goes on, until we reach there some day…
feel like so.

Joulukuu Haute N.Y.: The park of morning, here is my stage. Spotlights are the sunshine filtering through foliage. Having a dream of shooting to stardom someday.... Feel like so.

Joulukuu Prunella: A perfect sense of beauty ... such feeling I am radical, and to wrap me in in the Noble world at the moment that is first happy.

Tammikuu My Melody: Wearing my favorite hood with a lovely ribbon, I want to be My Melody !!.... feel like so

Helmikuu Ayanami Rei: I was born to ride Eva, I have nothing else ? Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Asuka Langley Soryu: I know. I have no choice but to ride Eva. I never want to endure defeat again! ? Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Shinku Kun Kun: I am Shinku. The fifth doll of Rozen Maiden. Be patient. You were turned to be my medium.... Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Dorothy: Oh, you?re the best friends anybody ever had! And it?s funny, but I feel as if I?ve known you all the time?Feel like so

Huhtikuu Ala: I fly toward the light. It's like...Opening a door to Heaven, I might find a mysterious paradise.

Toukokuu Dita: Wind of early summer running through the hill.... It carries off my hat with floral decoration, fluttering the hem of my dress... Feel like so.

Kesäkuu Xiao Fan: China is the last eastern country. There is a modern and attractive town. I hear the sound of Chinese fiddle in the evening?. Feel like so

Heinäkuu Youtzusu: The bug in the summer dives into the fire and dies.In the same way, the flames of passion consume me. Feel like so.

Elokuu Celsiy: My dramatic summer is not over yet.I?m so sweet and cool and people see me and sigh unconsciously. So I?m the one who lights up this town. ?. Feel like so.

Syyskuu Cinciallegra: If you love me only, I will sing for you only.. ?. Feel like so.

Lokakuu Kirche: A secret party begins as the setting sun colors me. Bring your favorite things that the adults don?t know about? Feel like so.

Marraskuu Marianne: Falling in love, with all the colors of the rainbow. Lost in dance on a spring evening. That's how it feels.

Marraskuu Isolde: Another version of myself, sopping wet in the rain. Which one is my real self? Which one is an illusion? Everything is true, but everything is an illusion. That is what I feel

Joulukuu Adsiltia: Darkness and Brilliance!!! There is a harmony of brilliance and darkness which is attracting myself. I am listening the sound of the ebony falling rain with my memory of groggy slumber ?. Feel like so

Tammikuu Neo Noir: The smile of the Sphinx behind the mask. It feels like Melancholia, with its deep mysticism being slowly illuminated by the dark sun.

Helmikuu Kaela: ?m taking your ?love? consultation!! I?m the love detective after school! Oh, I can resolve your love trouble?. Feel like so.

Huhtikuu Grell: Show me YOUR beautiful rose color. I?ll cut up all of your color! I?m a butler DEATH .... Feel like so.

Toukokuu Clarity: I?ll get all dressed up and today is my special day!!! At our special meeting spot, are you in for a surprise!! Or not??? Feel like so.

Kesäkuu Angelique: I want to protect everyone!! That?s why I want to protect the whole world!!!... Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Mir: Until the day I ascend to heaven, I will keep searching the special sacred gem which have my wish granted!! I pray under the cold water even today? Feel like so

Elokuu Sfoglia: ?The princess in picture book I dreamed in my childhood. With these lace, ruffle and fluffy ribbon? Can I come to look like her?... Feel Like so

Syyskuu Princess Ann: Which of the cities visited did your highness enjoy the most? Rome!! By all means...Rome! ...feel like so.

Lokakuu Peter Pan: Let?s fly to Never land ! I can stay child... Feel Like so.

Marraskuu Naomi: My Singing Voice tears up the light! Do you hear my Soul calling out the sound that unites fusion + light?... Feel Like so.

Joulukuu Aya: I flutter around you like a butterfly at night. Making your dreams enchanted with my glitter smile... Feel like so.

Tammikuu Elisabeth: With Dark Red Rose & Jet- Black Darkness, I?m out for your heart and blood... I want all of your love? Feel Like so.

Helmikuu Chelsea: My style is PUNK, at every whim, every time! I?ll scratch like a kitty, in your heart, when I?m in rotten mood?Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Sabrina: No, Father, The Moon?s reaching me?.Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Shan-ria: Today?s Dress Code is ??Party Girl??, I can get into any private event without a guest pass, Because the party is my stage?.Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Saras: Graceful like the wind, I dance into the deep night sky. Don?t sleep away your dreams?Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Eos: Mechanical Angel?.Artificial Wing Spread?.I swim through fields of electromagnetic pulses in the sea?Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Tiphona: Shall we have a tea party? Get carried away by the aroma of tea? A beautiful moment?.Feel Like So.

Elokuu Melissa: I know you ?.and You want to be caught by me?. I can do whatever you want?.Feel Like So.

Elo-/Syyskuu Bonita: And knocked me down. I smell violet. You cannot hide my scent is still with you … I feel like so.

Syyskuu Ddalgi: Taking the sweet scent of strawberries with me to the park filled with flowers?Fresh Strawberry Cake and fragrant tea brewed from fresh flowers?Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Lunatic Queen: Stop the nonsense?. Life and tart have the same value? Just chop off the head?Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Amarri: Warm and nostalgic yarn haired Pullip

Marraskuu Chloi: Graceful like the wind, I dance into the deep night sky. Don’t sleep away your dreams…Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Akoya: During foliage season, the leaves change color and I disappear like fallen leaves to wait for the enemy?s attack. Even when they are miles away, my sharpened sense allows me to feel as if I am there?.Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Clara: If you see an emerald green rabbit that looks like me, please let me know. Hopping around with my twin, Chloi today….Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Ludmila: I want to dance….Among the Rick-Colored feathers falling down the sky…Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Jaldet:  I am going to care for my world…. Now come, I will bind you to my world with my thread…. Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Prupate: On a bright, Starry night… I will go on a trapeze, Wearing a passion colored TUTU Skirt… Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Hatsune Miku: Pop and cute electronic songstress…. Let’s all have fun together tonight!! Resonate, my singing voice!!…Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Henri: Do you know where this is? It is different from the world you know... It is a world created between time, where my people exist.. Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Date Masamune: One-eyed Dragon is not cool, you see?....Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Romantic Alice: A cake has to be distributed then split!!! Everything is strange in this world... Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu  Batgirl SDCC Version: As the deep black cape flutters behind me…. I will run through the dark night…. I will protect the peace of GOTHAM CITY….Feel Like So

Heinäkuu Catwoman SDCC Version: Like a wild cat…. I blend into the night in a carefree manner…. I will get anything I want…Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Batgirl Wonder Festival Version: As the deep black cape flutters behind me…. I will run though the dark night…. I will protect the peace of GOTHAM CITY….Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Catwoman Wonder Festival Version: Like a wild cat…. I blend into the night in a carefree manner…. I will get anything I want…Feel Like So.

Elokuu Pullip Bloody Red Hood: What is a girl’s weapon? Beauty? Charm? Or the slight mischief underneath the innocent smile? "Strong is Weak, Weak is Strong" …Feel Like So

Elokuu Bloody Red Hood (Lolii version): What is a girl’s weapon? Beauty? Charm? Or the slight mischief underneath the innocent smile? ‘’Strong is Weak, Weak is Strong’’…Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Megurine Luka: Mysterious night begins…. Please listen to my specialty JAZZ, I will sing it cool… Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Banshee: Trick or Treat!! A magic day that comes one a year… In the middle of the evening sky… I want to eat a crescent moon with you… Feel Like So

Syyskuu Romantic Alice Pink: A cake has to be distributed then split!!! Everything is strange in this world… Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Yomi: BARBARA’s world that I’ve always wanted to go to… This world is much stronger and stimulating… That I had imagined… Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Tomoe Mami: I apologize but… I am going to make the SHOT!! ”TIRO FINALE”… Feel Like So

Marraskuu Akemi Homura: Traveling through the same time looking for one exit… a road that will save you, from destined desperation… Feel Like So

Marraskuu LOL Miku: Have been brought to the pink rabbit, Lost Monogram crowded world feel like so ..

Joulukuu Nella: Stars across the sky cannot be reached by hand… where do the falling stars fall to …Feel Like So
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #1 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 14:23:08 ip »
Pullipit 2012 - 2018

Tammikuu Yona: The falling flower petals decorate the hat... while the setting sun paints my dress. My feelings about you is gently hidden inside the doll… Feel Like So

Helmikuu Seila: That somewhere, a prayer for you my dear. I was in here the whole time, but always watching you. Just for today I want to sleep at night wrapped friendly mood…

Maaliskuu Victorique: The fragments of chaos is all here. I will recreate it all here… Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Regeneration Fantastic Alice: Dream like Wonderland… Chasing a rabbit, I’m more and more lost… Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Regeneration Fanatica: I love PUNKS!!! I am going to enjoy tonight’s concert with my favorite hell doll until the bottom of hell… Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Si’Anna: The runway is where I walk… the photo zone is where I stop. Camera flash is my own sun… Feel Like So

Maaliskuu Ou’vera: Up, Up, walk like I’m flying… Like always, I’m the prettiest one... Even beneath the sky... Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Regeneration Moon: Cute personality and the ability to take action. I found the new me… Tonight’s heroine is mine meow… Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Regeneration Anne: Like the eternal heroine ”Anne of Green Gables”, I want to be surrounded by nature and immerse in my favorite imaginations… Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Alice du Jardin: Chasing the white rabbit… I became lost in a dream-like garden in wonderland... Where should I go from here? …Feel Like So

Toukokuu Meiko: Energetic POP? Rockin’ Rock? Or Coll R&B? I will sing anything!! …Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Kiyomi: Down the soda pop river... through the ice mountain… together with jelly bear… I’m going to take hold of cotton candy kingdom… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Regeneration Noir: In the dark of the darkness. is where I feel calm. The only light is the white moon ..Feel Like So

Kesäkuu Pulliphine IX: Every Girl Dreams at least once of being a princess together with you, I am going to vow eternal love …Feel Like So

Kesäkuu Regeneration Paja: Gao! Gao! I wanted to become a scary monster or try to dress like that I feel like this…

Heinäkuu Merl: Sea breeze that does not change is forever coming carrying the news of distant countries mood…

Heinäkuu Wonder Woman: Beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, Swifter than Hermes, and stronger than Hercules… Feel Like So.

Elokuu Galene: I can softly hear that tone riding the wind. For some reason I want to go find that dear sound … Feel Like So

Elokuu Regeneration Principessa: This elegant, this beauty, do not lose confidence in anyone. So … I feel like a princess because… feel like so.

Syyskuu Froggy: Singing ‘’KERO’’ ‘’KERO’’… Jumping like HOP STEP… I am in full throttle in rainy day… Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Yuri:  The little makeup color you Kiririto wonder also look different town somewhere usual mood …

Syyskuu Alice du Jardin Mint Version: Chasing me rosy garden wonderland of dreamy … I wandered is to wonder where I go from here? Mood …

Syyskuu Ririko: I’ll show, the best show mood …

Lokakuu Snow White: Touched the forbidden fruit, pure white fingertip was flooded under the epidermis be charming, sweet scent of honey before you lost consciousness, the voice of someone did … mood

Lokakuu Harley Quinn: Oh my loved one, I am happy to be bad for you! … Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Fraulein: Wearing my favorite clothes, to that place which was called daughter because I want to get a name to call you sometime I feel like that …

Marraskuu Midnight Velvet: Explain Mirror Mirror, the truth is the noblest in the world, forever, in the name of human mood … beautiful than anyone

Joulukuu Nella Retro Version: The stars in the night sky spread does not reach the hands are stretched out, on the basis of who is the mood of falling star …

Joulukuu Aurora: Find out from the jarring noise of the world feel like clockwork … I just

Joulukuu Nanette: Snow-drenched night shining like a star. Superposed cute clothes … so as not to lose the cold out to take in the footsteps of the first in a snowy field wearing white ….. I feel like that

Joulukuu Pere Noel: under the stars twinkling sacred dance lightly in the arena feel like a dream …

Joulukuu Ruhe/Rche: Exit the glittering avenue, the avenue towards the bustling I’ll be a lovely day mood …

Joulukuu Princess Sapphire: Too many bad plot and tradition in this country. Until it disappeared, I feel like I’m a boy …

Joulukuu Luna: Cute, funny, sexy? Sometimes, you do not fully addicted to words like? My charm, but not only that mood …

Tammikuu Karen: Come on, do you go through the tent! King of beasts are dancers dance in the sky without fear the flames in a dream seen Sa~akasu, we all feel like ….. here

Tammikuu Francoise Arnoul: Let’s believe in Joe… He’s the same Joe as before …Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Princess Rosalind: In a bright red rose, a red ribbon over this, no other noble princess? Mood…

Maaliskuu Merl Nostalgia Version: Sea breeze that does not change forever when they delivered the news to distant countries such mood …

Maaliskuu Classical White Rabbit: Silence! Silence! From this, I started a trial of Alice! Mood…

Huhtikuu Milk Latte: Led by the Sweet Smell, if you take the little road… You’ll find my very own secret forest… Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Girl with a Pearl Earring: A subtle smile upon those lips, what are you thinking… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Marie Antoinette: I am now the Queen of Versailles… How lovely… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Oscar Francois: Committed to her beliefs, dedicate all for freedom, equality, and friendship… Feel Like So

Toukokuu Classical Alice: ‘’EAT ME’’… Mysterious cake, should I just try one bite…. Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Wilhelmina: Abracadabra!! I will make you mine with this magic Spell!!…

Heinäkuu Dahlia Cinderella: I’m going to prepare meal, wash dishes, then clean the floor… It’s not difficult. I mean the starlight are just so beautiful… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Supergirl: No matter how strong the enemy, I will protect world peace! …feel like so.

Elokuu Ally: A simple dress and brightly shining blond hair… That’s all I need to be wonderful….Feel Like So.

Elokuu Io: Like the blue sky, Like the green forest, Like the pitch black night… Wearing colors and stepping out with excited… Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Eloise: What was the reason for your visit? Calm and proper…Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Myra: A spotlight that shines only on me on this dark stage… Dancing  within. Feel Like So

Lokakuu Akemi: I’m the one to lead because I follow my own dreams. I love how I am, I wear what I want and I don’t care what they say… Feel Like So

Lokakuu Kühn: I am Magician and ‘’BOLD’’ is my name.Power like a lotus in muc…. You call that magic.No matter how difficult the path, I will breeze right through it.I cannot be hurt. I fear nothing….Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Hino: Decorate with whatever I live however I like… Feel Like So

Marraskuu Hannah: I am going to wear my favorite dress to see you!! Should we go to café together? …Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Princess Dahlia Cinderella: Tonight is a nice ball! Shoes of the glass, gave the missing witch, feeling such magic ….. up to 12:00 by friendly witch Daria Cinderella was transformed into a beautiful princess

Joulukuu Classical Queen: “There is no doubt that this daughter is the perpetrator of this incident!  because – I am because I decided so ” ! “get off the neck”

Joulukuu Canele: Around and Around The Merry-Go-Round… The Carnival is coming today… Let’s all enjoy it together… Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Varele: Take my hand and let’s dance… Today is a Carnival all day… Around and Around to rondo… Feel Like So


Tammikuu La robe vert clair: I dress up for myself…and myself only. Exerting sparkling light… Why not eat away this boring world? …Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Favorite Ribbon: With Ribbon that connects many times… A girl can become happy and a shining princess… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Lunarosa: Cute, Funny, Sexy?  Sometimes,now word can fully describe?  My charm it’s more than….Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Dilettante: The sideways hustle and bustle of the city and the station, I travel over anywhere of no interest Nantes the wonderful thing it’s another, but if curiosities and nice mood like that

Helmikuu Sakura Miku: Singing voice echoing along with the spring breeze diva cherry will come to deliver the spring! Mood

Helmikuu Keikujyaku: Marshmallow soft and ribbon dance! Because I need even a teardrop! The feeling …

Maaliskuu Shinku: Take a cup of tea right now you know. The feeling …

Maaliskuu Vanessa: I, I feel like things ….. I was being born as such I, even not it wrong even wacky

Maaliskuu Aira: Stage gorgeous audience to delight the light of the spotlight like that feeling

Huhtikuu Kore: Invited to breeze when I was asleep begins to move smile my call spring flowers such mood

Toukokuu Suigintou: Let’s start with the Alice game I’m sorry to have kept you

Heinäkuu Kirakishou: This ring I vow to kiss kiss vows master … Come on

Heinäkuu Sailor Moon: Sailor Moon Sailor of justice and love! On behalf of the moon, Oshiokiyo~tsu!

Elokuu Classical Alice Sepia version: “DRINK ME” …a mysterious vial, only bite, I wonder Let’s drink mood

Elokuu Meg: Picnic at all on a sunny day under the sunshine filtering through foliage , ♪ eat muffins mom homemade feeling

Syyskuu Hina Ichigo: If along with Jun, it’s fun anywhere! Feel like so.

Syyskuu Scarlet: No there is a thorn in the beautiful flower. It’s not only was good there is no poison …? Feel like so.

Syyskuu Sailor Mercury: Of intellect and water, sailor Sailor, Sailor Mercury! The wearing in water, please reflect on! Feel like so.

Lokakuu Carmilla: My mind, the smell of blood of you who love the darkness of the jet-black Let’s continue wandering forever

Lokakuu Sailor Venus: For Love and Beauty… The pretty Sailor Suited Soldier Sailor Venus!! Scourge and Love… you will be missing!!… Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Princess Serenity: I believe it!!… Believe in this universe that everyone is straining to protect!!… The moonshine is a message of the beloved… Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Nana-chan: "Because I love you, want to be by the side…. My Lovely place is in your arms….Feel Like So."

Joulukuu Sailor Mars: Flaming Passion, the Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier Sailor Mars!! In the name of the mars I will punish you!!… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Sailor Jupiter: Lightening and brave warrior, the Pretty Sailor Suited Soldier Sailor Jupiter!! In the name of Jupiter I will punish you!!…. Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Laura: Roll up, Roll up!! Step into my dark world and prepare to be amazed by my Gothic Circus. Come with me… but be warned, you may never want to leave….Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Suiseiseki: Woo, Woo…. Seems to be in time somehow… The Third Rozen Maiden ”SUISEISEKI” come to see….Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Souseiseki: Good to meet you, Are you my master? I’m SOUSEISEKI, the Fourth Rozen Maiden dolls… Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Kanaria: Finally, it’s my turn…. make an outstanding performance after all? Don’t you think JUN…..Feel Like so.

Kesäkuu Alice in Steampunk World: Ride on a Steam Locomotive….. Let’s find Mechanical White Rabbit….Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Sailor Uranus: Enter the new era….. Sailor Uranus Play an important role in beautifully… Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Mad Hatter in Steampunk World: Like the gear which turning around… TEA TIME is not over forever… Why does the Escritoire resemble a crow?… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Sailor Neptune: Be invited in the new era….. Sailor Neptune Gracefully active at the time of….. Feel Like So.

Elokuu Luna human Princess Snow Kaguya version: If I am real girl….. I can become Princess for you…Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Sailor Pluto: Guarded by Pluto, Planet of Time…. I am the solider of revolution, Sailor Pluto….Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Eve Sweet: Among Bright Roses….. Smile unwillingly….. Seems to bloom until my heart splendidly….Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Alura: Training the animals is my favorite part of our Gothic Circus….Watching them amaze the crowd with our tricks makes my heart sing…. Feel Like So.

Lokakuu La robe vert bleu Royal Version: To wear a noble color of dress on an important day… Let’s serve it more elegantly… A wonderful dress makes me a lady… Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Favorite Ribbon Chocolate Version: Smell like Sweet Chocolate… Decoration on Ribbon clothes becomes the Princess of the Cake Island… Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Naoko: Would you meet a cheerful and outgoing skater Pullip who loves dancing and Being kawaii ??

Marraskuu Sailor V: Codename: Sailor V!! ”Messenger of Justice”!! Sailor Costume Beauty Soldier be here….Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Black Lady: I’m Dark Queen, Black Lady… I can change a world to darkness come from Black Crystal Power… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu My Melody x HEN-NAKO: Pretty Cute Like a Dream…. Maybe somewhere…. Go to meet you….Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Le Renard/ The Fox: And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye… Feel Like So.

Helmikuu La Rose/ The Rose: Ah! I Am Scarcely Awake. I Beg That You Will Excuse Me. My Petals Are Still All Disarranged… Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Premium Kiyomi Mint Ice Cream Version: Across the river of the Soda Pop…. Surpass a hill of Ice….There is my Cotton Candy Kingdom❤ Let’s play with Jewelry Bear….Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Sailor Star Fighter: The wandering shooting star which cuts darkness… Sailor Star Fighter!! Stage on… Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Gretel: ♪ Hansel! look! The house, made of candy! Only a little, I wonder if it may be tasting?

Huhtikuu Sailor Star Maker: Cut through the darkness, wandering shooting star … Sailor Star Maker!

Toukokuu Sailor Star Healer: The Wandering Shooting Star which cuts Darkness…. Sailor Star Healer!! Stage on… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Callie: On a lovely day in spring… I put on my be loved dress, wear little makeup… Then grab my bag and go shopping with my sister… We love to sit around and have some cakes at a cafe… Ah! So Happy❤… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Cassie: On a lovely day in spring… I put on my be loved dress, wear little makeup… Then grab my bag and go shopping with my sister… We love to sit around and have some cakes at a cafe… Ah! So Happy❤… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Romantic Alice Monochrome: White and Black and Grey are to the Chess Piece!! All are odd in this world… Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu veryBerryPOP: A bright Red Berry and Full Race are sign of cuteness…. Am I Sweetest?….. Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Veritas Deep Crimson Version: Let the Ocean of the Passion, a proud hearted flag stream… The trip to the new world to come across… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Super Sailor Moon: Love and justice sailor, Sailor Super Moon! On behalf of the month, Oshiokiyo’!

Heinäkuu Wonder Woman Dress Version: Wise as Athena, Swifter than Hermes… And Stronger than hercules… I am an Amazon Warrior… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Harley Quinn Dress Version: Love makes me do many things… I can easily dress up for you, Puddin’!!… Feel Like So.

Elokuu Ha-ha: When sad try calling my name ~! Lol lol ♫

Elokuu Amelia:  Hopping from cloud to cloud high up in the sky, no eagle will catch me!

Elokuu Queen Serenity: Princess Serenity, and all of the Sailor warriors’ll … your our love, so that you can be fulfilled in the future of the earth.

Syyskuu Bonnie:  We all your heart in the beginning when it comes to the night of the eclipse, the cute rabbit party ♫

Syyskuu Marie: Dressed in a luxurious dress, ♡ to the memorial dance in this special day, if I was able to feel happy at all, joy is what even.

Syyskuu Mistress 9: I am the Messiah of silence, Mistress 9…

Syyskuu Veritas Special Version: I got the invitation… flew anchored in the key where the sky meets the sea! With tteonalkka?… I feel

Lokakuu Cheshire Cat: Disappear from the tail of the previous along with the mysterious steam went last is only the left.

Lokakuu Taffy: Beautiful melody of music, bright sun over over And I like is that this freedom I feel!

Marraskuu Lupinus: Be charmed in the beautiful world….Jumped out to cut down a memory at a big bag shiningly!!

Joulukuu Katrina: My longing for memories… The feeling that somebody was together… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Pullip Optical Alice: In a repeated checked room… have lost my way where I went… Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Eternal Sailor Moon: Sailor suit of love and justice Pretty girl warrior Eternal sailor moon! On behalf of the moon, Punishment!!

Marraskuu Shion: Japanese Patterns slightly matured and dress up. I want my friends all over the world to see it… I feel like that

Marraskuu Kagezakura: Wearing a patterned clothing strawberry Daifuku drawn, trapped in strawberry strawberries. A flower blooming butterflies flying pretty world confined to not see anyone… such feeling.

Joulukuu Utena Tenjo: When did you come to feel the nostalgia of the scent of roses?

Joulukuu Anthy Himemiya: I am a bride of a rose, from today I am your flower. Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Nanette Erica Version: Shining stars, a falling night. Do not defeat the cold … put cute clothes and dream of dancing with you under the starry starry sky… such feeling.

Maaliskuu Cinnamoroll: Have your favorite Teacup… If you are wrapped in Fluffy Costumes… To invite you to a Dream Tea Party… Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Himawara: Livelying the skirt on the wind that blows and blows… I will wait for you under that tree trunk… While listening to the song of Midori’s Cold… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Eileen: I am dressed in a dress that will make me excited and head for a concert. Believe that the beautiful blue Danube brings us back again… such feeling.

Kesäkuu Etoile: I will let the voice of the Stars… Surely my wish will come true… Feel Like so!

Kesäkuu Usagi Wedding Version: Like the Earth’s Earth, with a broad heart… Momo-chan take me… Can we stay together forever?… Feel Like so.

Elokuu Kayano: If you wear a bright Red KIMONO in full moon…..Flowers bloom also in my heart…..Makes me feel of a girl full of flowers….Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Arianna: I will not be trapped in the story in my dream any more… Ribbon and Roses that are colored along the way I walk pearls… Pink Time that follows me… Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Princess Kakyu: Now is the time for everyone to join forces… It’s time to have one feeling… Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Les Secrets by Ladurée: Welcome to the world of gourmet food Laduree is happily packed with sweet and gentle fragrance… feel like so.

Joulukuu Alrescha Pisces: If you swim in the stars you will sing a song for you – it is a secret whisper, Neptune will let you… Feel Like So.

Joulukuu The Secret Garden of White Witch: Dreams moving will make beautiful flowers. Even if you change colors, dream flowers will never die. What kind of dream will come out tomorrow? Feel Like so.
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #2 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 15:43:14 ip »
Pullipit 2019 -

Tammikuu Kumiho: Waiting a thousand years under the moonlight… When will the patrolling world meet in the edge of this world? What is the meaning of immortal body… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Hatsune Miku Yokohama Doll’s House Version: The Edge with you I love in the reed forest… Even if it becomes a star I will not forget… Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Optical Queen: The wood with a distorted check pattern is not red, it is not beautiful, it is not beautiful! Feel Like so.

Maaliskuu Bouguetin: The Edge with you I love in the reed forest… Even if it becomes a star I will not forget… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Yuhwa: I lost my wings and got love… I can miss the world of heavenly skies… Pegasus… Come and pick me up… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Funassyi Classical Lolita ver: I am surprisedly wrapped in a fancy dress and I am going to meet my favorite fun. Everyone together with a pear juice bush! I feel like that.

Kesäkuu Etoile Rosette Version: One Rose Flower with your wish… Blooms in the starry sky and shines brightly… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Jeanne: My small but imposing foothold has a mission… My path is that I will open up… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Cosmody: Send to you from the Brightest Star☆… Deliver far beyond the Galaxy!! My Music!!… Feel Like So.

Elokuu Margrethe: Teatime with my favorite Teddy Bear… The stuffy souffle like a Teddy Bear… Happily, persimmon with milk tea for wedding imperial… Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Marisa Kirisame:  It’s not magics unless it’s flashy… The barrage is firepower… Feel Like so.

Lokakuu PIMMAM: Glitter shower of candy pours down. Monsters in the city of Kawaii make energy. You are dancing in a large game!... Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Momori: I can hear the calm voices of trees and animals from the forest... A path surrounded by sunflowers... That's where I feel the warmth of nature...

Marraskuu Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Version: Match with my Favorite Hello Kitty… Tie Ribbons all over your chest for as many sweet and sparkling… Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Etoile Undomiel Version: The light of my burning passion that begins to shine more red than anything else at twilight To reach you!

Tammikuu Claudia: Portrait Confined in a Picture Frame… I feel some Destiny… What exactly is in Frame?… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Uesaka Sumire x Pullip Revolutionary Broadway Alliance Version: Comrades!! Gathering under the Flag of Sumire Uesaka with Production, Unity and Anti-Repression… Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Travas Tokyo Noan: Sweet it’s not just cute strawberries. Only Kuma-san can speak the truth. Find someone real…

Maaliskuu Ververka: Comfortable wind in the changing season. It's a secret cheek – it's full of scent!

Huhtikuu Eirene: Free you look at the roses to give love, you are also loved by all things in the forest…

Huhtikuu Asuna: Asunas costume and sword seemed to get stronger… Can I fight bravely like her… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Angelic Pretty Patricia: All Girls are Jewels with their own Radiance… If you’re with me, you’ll find your own beautiful shine… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Zappa: I am a Warrior leading the Golden Age… We will head for a peaceful and prosperous future… Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Kuromi: KUROMI is here! One million pieces of dress up dresses that are fashionable and cute… Until the day you become a Skull, you are also a captive of me, Right?… Feel Like So.

Heinäkuu Sowrene: At that moment soul bluebird came in stage, everything will change! Like being enchanted.. Feel like so.

Heinäkuu Purely Sherbet: The rainbow-colored candy goes well with my sweet love. memorizes a magic spell when I eat rainbow candy in one bite, You'll love me Hoi Hoi.. Feel Like So.

Elokuu My Melody Pink Version: I'm going to go play with my friends with my favorite one-piece. The sky blue ribbon goes well with the little My Melody.. Feel Like Pullip.

Elokuu Eclata: The sunlight of blessing is pouring. Mont Petit Jardin. Walk with you to the greatest happiness.. Feel like Pullip.

Syyskuu Keres: The screams cuting from alive, I'm a guide to the dark and quiet paradise.. Feel like Pullip.

Lokakuu Minervah: A bright future for you who achieved peace, when the wings of wisdom rise and feathers scatter, the sky is overwhelmed with happiness.. Feel like Pullip.
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
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Taeyangit 2006 - 2018

Helmikuu M.J.: I have my style.Rules, restaints…I get fed up them.

Huhtikuu Sage: Good morning, sweet. Let’s see after school. I’m gonna wait for you at the same place… Sent e-mail to my girlfriend.

Kesäkuu Filato: Two of us, catching a thread of fate each other. The love… forever

Elokuu Timulus: Flash… head trip. Playing with death in a spectrum… the memory yesterday was fallen out from my head wrapping my arms.

Lokakuu Shade:  Cool and collected, with eagle eye, puzzle out a mystery… l am always a gentleman, yes, I am.

Joulukuu Cavalie:  Come closer to me. I will show you the dance of this gorgeous night. Until this beauty will fuddle everybody here as good wine does…

Helmikuu Missionary: People invited from dark, come to me. You do not need to worry. We governs the world. With this power…

Huhtikuu Lead: No need any single world. This is my message. You get to your heart? My Soul..

Kesäkuu Butler: Ladies eyes… I am terribly sorry. My heart is only for the feelings of loyalty to my lady.

Elokuu Hash: Can you hear my call? In the strong light Only I can hear is faded noise.

Syyskuu Another King: There are grasses ,trees and animals – all things in nature of this my country to govern in my hand.

Lokakuu Edward Scissorhands: I can’t touch you because I hurt everything I touch.

Joulukuu Maguna: Listen to the wind talking. Ascertain the movement in the dark. The universe, everything in my eyes.

Helmikuu Horizon: Slashing through a crowd with flashing vividly. The coolest thing on this earth is me. I resemble nobody.

Maaliskuu Scarecrow: …some people without brains do an awful lots of talking… don’t they?

Maaliskuu Tinman: Bang on my chest if you think I’m perfect.Now I know I have a heart, because it’s breaking.

Maaliskuu Cowardly Lion: Stay with us, then, Dorothy. We all love you. We don’t want you to go.

Huhtikuu Tantus: The ocean that spreads out endlessly. I will get over any angry waves…. with you. To the new world to come across someday…

Kesäkuu William: Everybody loves my handsome face and people always pay attention to what I do!!!

Heinäkuu Seiran: In Matokata A brave young man extends the bow with his arrow and releases it. Such a lovely spectacle!

Syyskuu Jade: We’re an imperfect “human composite” from the light and the shadow. By diffuse reflection of thousands of prism, we believed that we could change this whole world!… Feel like so.

Lokakuu Sol: I can’t stand watching you so careless. You’re better off behind me. I’ll protect you… forever… Feel like so.

Marraskuu Alberic: The sound of ladies’ scraping, the destiny of noble love. My life shines like gold and smells of honey.

Tammikuu Arion: The encroaching darkness, the flash of light that burns the world. What a contradiction! That’s why I keep shouting?

Helmikuu Andrew: This timbre is so orgulous!! Our historical heroes used to play this bagpipe. This is our history!!

Huhtikuu Sebastian: So, please give your checkmate, godship!! I’m your good and faithful servant. Because I’m your devil butler!!

Kesäkuu Rayne: Protect, Serve, Bang Bang! Feel like so.

Syyskuu Sebastian Private Teacher Ver.: So, shall we go my lady? I am your private teacher only tonight.

Lokakuu Captain Hook: Hmm…Peter Pan ! I will destroy him this time.

Marraskuu Richt: I am shouting with my booming voice!! Angles are sinking in to the labyrinth of abyss and darkness.

Tammikuu Nosferatu: I am chasing you into the mist as you are screaming. Let’s spend eternity together in a shadow world.

Helmikuu Kain: Hold on my dear! Take my hand and I will lead you through the night, don’t fight!

Toukokuu Wati: You and I are beating hearts as one… With beauty to charm this entire World… I pass you to no one…

Elokuu Gyro: My Mechanical Body Removes it gear…. Everything in the world will be ruled. My huge WUNDERKAMMER (Wonder Chamber)!!

Syyskuu Wayne: After overcoming numerous crises, I finally met you… I was alive to protect you all along…

Lokakuu Lunatic White Rabbit: I am the storyteller of the evening…Now hurry….I will take you to the wonderland!!

Joulukuu Arashi: The Large sword that i maneuver will slay the enemy in a speed that cannot be seen. It is my calling to protect the lord with this large sword.

Helmikuu Raiki: Hi Lady, Your eyes are so beautiful….I won’t let you go tonight…. Is that okay?

Toukokuu Alfred: We are constantly evolving... That's why the world looks different from the world you know...

Kesäkuu Chosokabe Motochika: It is I, the demon of ONIGA ISLAND!!!

Heinäkuu Romantic Mad Hatter: Let’s celebrate the unbirthday!!! There are 364 days that is not your birthday!!!

Syyskuu Vocaloid Kaito: Accepting requests!! I will sing any song in a way that will surely reach your heart…

Lokakuu Ama: Inside the bag are invention… Inside the heart are curiosity and a bit courage!!

Joulukuu Black Jack: Your life’s price…How much can you pay? Let me cure…any disease.

Tammikuu Hide Rocket Dive Version: Adios to yesterday to the new world just waiting… Ready?!!

Helmikuu Natsume: I can hear JAZZ and your voice from far away… Wait… I’ll come see you at night!!!

Helmikuu Willy Wonka: Magician of chocolate that can not be more than anyone legendary plant manager, Willy Wonka!

Toukokuu Hide DOUBT Version: Hey Doubt you!! Those who chance dream will lose freedom, and those who chase freedom will lose dream.

Kesäkuu Taeyangfold VI: People all over the world as a witness along with you will swear, if this thing eternal love…

Heinäkuu Batman: Deep inside sink and conquer the Evil Darkness, All to protect GOTHAM CITY.

Lokakuu Mad Hatter du Jardin: If you befriend the ‘’Time Lord’’ All clocks in this garden, are pretty much under you control!!!

Joulukuu Hide PSYENCE: There’s no such meaning to a clinging thing Just run through it with a passionate pose.

Joulukuu Pluto: The numerous sound waves in the dark corner to dominate the night trembling Nixa you, no voice heard Inokai moth sound?

Helmikuu Gackt: Been left alone in the time to smile on the other side of the window this feeling does not reach…

Helmikuu Twilight Destiny: I love seeing you with your eyes closed… Even if those lips never open… I will love you forever..

Toukokuu Andre Grandier: Oscar, Oscar, I have never thought anyone could be this beautiful!!

Elokuu Valko: I’m going to be strong under the white moon in the night… See, here I am.

Syyskuu Ethan: It’s important to button all the way up to the neck, and properly dress like a student.

Joulukuu Prince Ramiro: I will go anywhere to look for you… The one who was wearing the glass slippers, and shining under the evening sky like star…

Tammikuu AKIRA × Destinée de la Rose: Was in the mouth of the forbidden fruit, cute princess of my I’m going to sleeping much? When you wake up in this kiss, so you Izanao to dream further…

Marraskuu Michan Gothic Mode Version: Because there is you, anything is getting over… In drowsiness, I say Good-night to you today…

Marraskuu Michan Limited Version: Because there is you, anything is getting over… In drowsiness, I say Good-night to you today…

Helmikuu Sebastian Book of Circus Version: I got tired to eat out catch-as-catch-can… The dinner is delicious, so as to be hungry if hungry…

Maaliskuu Tuxedo Mask: I’m Tuxedo Mask… and I’m one rose cutting evil!! In a beautiful moonlight, Look good with serenades…

Marraskuu Koichi: I hope you don’t mind if I’m a shut-in kind of guy, I express myself through the music I write. Are you the girl I’m looking for??

Joulukuu Undertaker: I told that the soul regarded one as important….. How many times will I make the same advice you, Phantomhive Earl?

Helmikuu Grell: Oh, It’s Good…and Good!! My even ”Sebastian”… The eyes… Let the heart to flare up freeze!!! Feel shivery!! The lowest best!!!

Maaliskuu Dodo in Steampunk World: Things, I was going to say… The best plan to dry us are… will be a caucus race!! Such as the Gear…!

Lokakuu Albireo: Once in Ten years… Day to take off a Black Wing, and to return to my True Figure… Who can solve this Magic?

Joulukuu ReonHARDT: There is only one… I have been convinced that it was special love…


Kesäkuu Mamoru Wedding Version: Usagi, Like the glow of the moon… Forever the most beautiful… I swear… We are always together…

Heinäkuu The Joker: If the Police expect to play against the JOKER… They had best be prepared to be dealt from the bottom of the Deck!!

Marraskuu Hide 20th Memorial Version: Eternal ROCK STAR… Keep Playing Rock Forever in me
Note- Based off of musician hide.
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #4 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 16:10:10 ip »
Taeyangit 2019

Joulukuu, Hide Tell Me Version: Did his voice reach you? Did your voice reach him? I still have a lot to talk to you!!
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #5 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 16:17:50 ip »
Dalit 2006 - 2018

Lokakuu Drta: Throbbing a bit to go to a live house for my first time. But It’s OK! Tata and my love Taeyang are going with me!!

Lokakuu Fiori: Mom made me this doll wearing the same dress as me. So cute and makes me happy. I’m gonna show it off to my mates tomorrow!!

Lokakuu Monomono: Running around freely, nobody can exceed my speed! Jumping at a burst, to the ultimate limits of space!!

Marraskuu Hinaichigo: Hina like Tomoe and Nori! Hina like Shinku, and all, and and...Everyone!!

Tammikuu Rot-chan: Phew , it's too much bother of errand. I love swining loitering. I enjoy going outside!!

Maaliskuu Sooni: Look, where are bubbles blowing to? To this way, and that way. They are going to the place where Taeyang is there!!

Toukokuu Frara/Furara: Zzzzzzz. I am taking walk even I am in the dream. Many flowers and wonderful meeting ! They are the reasons why I like spring so much!!

Heinäkuu Kanaria: The best brain in Rozen Maiden. I will take everything easily and slickly!!

Elokuu Another Clock Rabbit: Where am I at this time? Shoot! The crazy women is pursuing us! Oh~I have no time, be quick!

Elokuu Another Rabbit: Another me is running with the hour all the time! Anyway, this world is mine enjoying the passing time is the Kingcraft!

Syyskuu Coral: I won't take off this dress. Small, light coral colored dress...This reminds me the unforgettable memories of this summer...

Marraskuu Jolie: Jolie is sturdy and reliable, Jouet likes nestling up to me, we are going very well...

Marraskuu Jouet: Jolie is steady, Jouet is spoiled….However, Jolie & Jouet equals good combination!!

Tammikuu Hangry: I am punky Hangry. Angry loves Gothlori. We are the strongest combination!

Maaliskuu Cinnamoroll: Would I be able to fly if I flapped these large ears? I can, because I'm Cinnamon.

Huhtikuu Colline: When I look up the sky, The cotton candy will follow me. Fluffy and feathery. Let's play hide and seek!

Toukokuu Tweety: Hey you! Such a naughty boy! This bad boy deserves to be punished. Time for a smack! /Really! He does nothing but wrong! I'll punish such a wicked cat! Give him a spank on the bottom!

Kesäkuu Coco: Do you want to be my servant?? If so let me hear your voice and song. I’ll give you some candy if you sang well. Because I’m the KING here.

Heinäkuu Hanaayame: Dance, snail! Dance! If you do as I say, faithfully and beautifully, I’ll take you to the flower garden where you can play

Elokuu Magical Pink-chan: Dal Dal, Luda!!! I’ll be more pretty by my own magical power!! I’m the most cutest "magical girl" in the whole world.

Syyskuu Tezca: I always dash out in front of people and make people surprise!!! I love to make tricks to people and I never lose against Lipoca.

Lokakuu Lipoca: I’m practicing so hard, but no one seems to be surprised. Why? Why? I missed again! But I’ll surprise Tezca someday!

Marraskuu Charlotte: The little lady's a little upset. What's wrong? My corset's way too tight!

Joulukuu Milch: No need to reach for it or be greedy about it, because happiness comes to everyone in equal portions!

Tammikuu Melize: Welcome to a secret café in the woods. Eat our dolce and you're sure to melt!

Helmikuu Angry: I love to eat! I love trick to people! I like HANGRY in my own way. Because I’m ANGRY!!!

Huhtikuu Ciel: I can never fall over!! If the king falls over, this game will be over.

Toukokuu Lizbel: I love to listen to the music in this “free town”!!! PEACE! PEACE!! PEACE!!!!! My world will draw cheers !!!

Kesäkuu Erenfried: I’d like to continue to support you from now on. No, no, no, That’s what I’m not thinking!!!

Heinäkuu Puki: I don’t want any radish!! My great favorite is whatever I can enjoy! I’m not the ordinary rabbit!!!

Elokuu Meretti: I have to go and look for more and more ! I want to be full with KAWAII!!!

Syyskuu Ciel Robin Ver.: I do all sorts of tricks for the purpose!

Lokakuu Tinker Bell: I do not like Wendy ! Peter Pan is mine!

Marraskuu Edge: Everyone is excited with my musical sound. They like my music more than Naomi’s Voice.

Joulukuu Sakura: Playing dress up and looking like a princess in my pink party dress, I am irresistible to you. You can't help falling in love with me!!!

Tammikuu Ende: Shall I pretend to be a little doll myself? With my red lips I hold your gaze forever

Helmikuu Phoebe: HEY, BOY!! You want a piece of me, huh? Bring it on! I can take it ‘cause I’m a Star!!

Maaliskuu Pinocchio: The nose will be getting long when telling lie!

Huhtikuu Tina: Broken-down, Crying in pain…. I won’t take it!! You cheated on my spirit!

Toukokuu Satti: Blue sky is mine… Open Sky is also mine…. Everything is mine when Pullip is reflecting!

Kesäkuu Lucia: Do not plot mischief, Resistance is futile, Give in to me!

Heinäkuu Clair: Sweet Chocolate & Apple Pie… I take to my Darling… No loitering on the way!!

Elokuu Kanta: Do you want to go with me, to the far mystic world?… I promise it will be beautiful & fun!!

Syyskuu Dotori: I’m looking for the house of sweets! A little birdie told me that it’s in the back of the forest… It really told me!

Lokakuu Lunatic Alice: The Wonderland no one knows of… Is this a mysterious nightmare? But I don’t want to wake up yet!!

Marraskuu Chibi Risa Vintage Rock Girl: I’ll tell you RISA’s Secret❤ I’m girl with Rock n’ Roll Sprit!! I want to enjoy every day!!

Joulukuu Ninja Katoya: Unlike my gentle look when I’m up in the sky, I am really a skilled archer(`ε´) !!

Joulukuu Chibi Risa SWEET: Afternoon after the rain… the streets and the green are both sparkly and shiny…. Looking at the rainbow in the sky…. I’m going to go out in a girly mood!!!

Tammikuu Darony: Ting Ting…. Can you hear it? The sound of a bell. Sniff Sniff her nose is twitching… I want to hurry and meet everyone!!

Helmikuu Ra Muw: The Metropolis is my castle. Don’t underestimate the information network! It’s a lot faster than particles and it will make sense of the world!!

Maaliskuu Joujou: Always together with Bunny❤ My mommy called me a baby… But I want to be surrounded by dreamy toys!

Huhtikuu Kagamine Rin: Sound Perfect with LEN!! I will let you fully hear my charming Voice full of energy!!!

Huhtikuu Kagamine Len: RIN, Let’s Sing!!! The Up-tempo, Powerful Rhythm is going to surround my body!!!

Toukokuu Charlemagne: The world did not begin with Michelangelo, But, it was with the fesoco drawing I drew!!!

Kesäkuu Sanada Yukimura: Please WATCH!! I am the ''MASTER''!!!!

Elokuu Hello Little Girl!: My Brother (Taeyang) says "But you’re a girl". But, I’m going to be on stage someday!!

Syyskuu Gloomy: I believe I’m going Datte Tsu of affection or even bite or scratch too much chat adult badger naughty Daisuki!

Lokakuu Romantic Rabbit: HURRY, HURRY!! I am going to be late! Have to hurry and return to Wonderland!! If the Queen get mad… It’s Scary!!!!

Marraskuu Madoka: I am going to be a MAGICAL GIRL… Now I understand, I found a wish I want to come true!!!!

Tammikuu Dalcomi: Wrapped in cotton candy sweet giddily, Tsu Because I dream of the rainbow lollipop Spinning! I want to taste the sweet feeling in the world Yes ー sweet dream!

Maaliskuu DeLorean: The moon that I see … will shine you and I gold no matter how far we are!!!

Huhtikuu Galla: 32 fouettes en tournant, Jump, Raise the leg 48 degrees, And elegantly fly in the air!!!

Toukokuu Heart Macaron: Almond powder~on sweet meringue♪ mix & mix, bake until golden… and you will have sweet, sweet macaroons!!

Heinäkuu Chenille du Jardin: Who are you? I want you to give me an explanation in a way that I will understand!!!

Elokuu Cinnamoroll 10th Anniversary Edition: Silk hat on your splendid beard me to turn round and round stick, I rubbed it a little dandy!

Lokakuu Jouet Anniversary Edition: Pampered Jouet… I want to play together with you forever!!!

Lokakuu Sentimental Noon: There is nothing as sad as this. I’m sure a person who will save the girl who looks like she’s sleeping, will surely come!!!

Marraskuu Kleine: Don’t treat me like baby… Mr. Bear and I are grown ladies!!

Tammikuu Princess Pinky: Put a lot of pink ribbons and flowers, filled with happiness than anyone Tsu Because I a pretty princess!

Helmikuu Ange: Sometimes I make mistakes… But I’m more passionate than anyone!

Maaliskuu Classical Alice: ‘’EAT ME’’…I want to eat just a bit of the cute cake!!

Huhtikuu Natalie: It’s not scary so don’t run away… don’t cry even if it hurts… I’ll treat you!!

Kesäkuu Lyla: When people see me, they become surprised and run away. Don’t run away!! I’m lonely!!

Heinäkuu Icarus: Chasing the noise I heard….. Ears attentive, and wigs widely spread…. I can fly anywhere!!

Elokuu Loa: Peerow… Peerow… I’m a singing bird… I am going to wait for you again today and sing!!

Marraskuu Heiwa: The flowers are singing their song while I’m taking care of all the animals in this enchanted forest. No one can see me here because nature and I are the same.

Huhtikuu Silane: In white clothes soft and fluffy to the tea party Mom and today young lady orthodox.

Toukokuu Sailor Chibi-Moon: For Love and Justice, Cute Sailor Suited Soldier under training Chibi Moon!! In the name of Moon I will punish you…

Lokakuu Sailor Saturn: Silent Star, The Saturn for the protection… Solider Sailor Saturn of ruin and the birth.

Tammikuu Princess Usagi Small Lady Serenity: lease my silver crystal… Help to protect everybody…

Helmikuu Alice in Steampunk World: Day what mysterious today… To be drowned with my tears… On STEAM locomotive… Because I come back to the original world!!

Maaliskuu Cherry Sweet: A rose smiles, and I smile too… A Heat Dance in the sunlight of the warm afternoon.

Elokuu Ho-ho: When you are glad… Call my name~♫ HOHOHO♫

Lokakuu Deneb: The time when Magic wi removed is only today once in Ten Years!! Early looking for me… Otherwise because I turn into a Swan Again!!

Marraskuu Quince: Be charmed in the beautiful world… Jumped out to cut down a memory at a big bag shiningly!!

Marraskuu Alpin: Alpine hill above, let around flipping! If ask fluttering red dress, Tsu Mon’m resounding fun melody!

Tammikuu Dana: I want to regain the ball of the money…..I cannot do it to keep the promise with the Frog.

Lokakuu Manuel: Today’s test is 10 points, uniform’s coordinates are 100 points! Together 110 points!
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #6 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 16:33:28 ip »
Dalit 2019

Helmikuu Pixie: Sparkling Magic.. Give you Sweet Magical Powder!!
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #7 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 16:37:47 ip »
Isulit 2011 - 2018

Helmikuu Apollo: Until dream come true appearance without an ally result of my Nova Sizer to aim the far away beyond the space-time ride the clouds of steam…

Maaliskuu Jimmy X: Breaking through the old music in London… I’ll show you our new PUNK SOUND!!

Maaliskuu Duke: A Warm sunny day… Maybe I should go to the museum…

Maaliskuu Hamilton: Black and Red are my colors… Boy’s Lolita look is my favorite… Now let’s enjoy …the ball!!

Toukokuu Vesselle: Name originated from Portuguese word, ” Distortion” And the “Distortion” you know is the world born apart from this world!!!

Kesäkuu Mori Motonori: After all, such as soldiers ─ ─, I sacrifice.

Elokuu MAO: Your Dreams. My dream. Chasing the tail of the rainbow. Clear summer noon. I forget that day. I’ll sing you a song like that.

Syyskuu Sith: My scary trick, Jack-O’-Lantern If you don’t give me candy, I’ll light a fire… then everyone is going to scream!!!!

Lokakuu Romantic King: HURRY, HURRY!! I am going to be late! Have to hurry and return to Wonderland!! If the Queen get mad… It’s Scary!!!!

Marraskuu Tete: Love You… Love You Not… Love You… Love You Not… I will dedicate this last petal to you…

Joulukuu Johan: I want to find a speck of star… since you’re always looking for them… It must be somewhere among the colorful stone!!!

Maaliskuu Kazuya: Victorique, I am your friend. Let’s solve mysteries together… a situation like that.

Huhtikuu White Rabbit du Jardin: Hurry, Hurry, I’m late again!!! I must hurry and return to the garden of wonderland!! If the queen gets mad, she will chop my head off!!!

Toukokuu Midnight Deja Vu: Forbidden fruit that shines in the deep darkness….Now extend your arms and see…You must already know the secret behind its sweetness…situation like so.

Heinäkuu Lir: Some day across the ocean… My dream is to explore Mango Island that no one knows about…Situation Like So.

Elokuu Hednar: Don’t be scared…You don’t have to believe anything. This world is all like an illusion. You can see the world that you want to see… Situation Like So.

Marraskuu Shiraishi Akira: “AI O UTAU YORI ORE NI OBORERO” … Situation Like So.

Joulukuu Johan Retro Memory: I want to find a speck of star… Since you’re always looking for them… It must be somewhere among the colorful stone!!

Joulukuu Helios: Turning and turning cogwheel the mad noise can no longer be stopped… situation like so.

Tammikuu NekoNeko MaoMao: Staring at the flowing cloud… Today I am going to think about the girl I met yesterday, And the end of the world. That nice tail that swiftly ran away… Situation Like So.

Helmikuu Okita Souji: With the ‘’Trust’’ flag up high, to protect those that trust There is nothing to be scared of… Situation Like So.

Maaliskuu Classical Mad Hatter: Today is not your birthday… That’s celebratory would like some tea?….Situation Like So.

Maaliskuu Lir Nostalgia Version: Some day across the ocean… My dream is to explore Mango Island that no one knows about …Situation Like So.

Huhtikuu Milk Tea: Someday over the sea… My dream is to find Mango Island that no one knows… Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Light: By Collecting the scattered broken pieces, I will solve this case….situation like so.

Heinäkuu Fairy Lumiere: Sweet child. Tonight, I have prepared a special gift for you… I thought very hard about what to get you. I want you to be happy… Situation Like So.

Lokakuu Cedric: This empty classroom is a secret room that I inherited from my senior… I’ll only confess to you… Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Glen: I come from one of the wood valleys surrounded by nature. I love watching the sky, trolling along the steams, collecting clovers under the tree…Situation Like So.

Tammikuu Vermelho: I want your blood… And your bright red lips… Situation Like So.

Kesäkuu Gosomi: To the kingdom of my prized possession Welcome to the open field of the whip, forest of macaroon gift from the sky colorful candy Hey, you’re also trying to ♪ hide-and-seek in the castle of cotton candy together.. such situations.

Toukokuu Ciel Smile Version: I’m head of Phantomhive Noble family… I CAN not Go on living like this… It shouldn’t be… Situation Like So. is Phantomhive family family head this I like is this kind of life. Can not have it seems… such situations

Elokuu White Rabbit in Steampunk World: Hurry up Alice!!….. I’m a White Rabbit that wound up screw…. Nobody can turn off the gear which continues turning around….Situation Like So.

Joulukuu Le Petit Prince: My Star will just be one of the Stars for you…. And so you will love to watch all the stars in the heavens….. They will all be your friends…..Situation Like So.

Huhtikuu Hansel: Do not cry, Gretel… okay, I’m sure because go home to the house…

Marraskuu Eder: Now! To expand the big hand, it sucks the Alps of air to fill the chest! Since go clear white to mind… such a situation

Tammikuu Caros: Because you pick up a ball of the money… Let me sleep together in a bed… Situation Like So.

Huhtikuu Elios: I watch the dreams of people on Earth from this Elysium and protect the Golden Crystal ….. Feel Like So
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #8 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 16:48:19 ip »
Isulit 2019

Joulukuu, Yun: A song with my heart singing under colorful lighting. Can we sing together?... Such situation.
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #9 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 16:53:47 ip »
Namut 2004 - 2005

Helmikuu Vispo: I will meet PULLIP at Spain square under clear sky. Scampering to the squire… I am waiting for PULLIP.

Maaliskuu Trunk: Sunlight shining through the tree trunks and branches of the wood, the lakeside is my favorite place. Feel like this.

Toukokuu Happy Birthday Namu: This month is Pullip’s birthday month. With my love, Namu, I go to a masquerade… a joyous time together…it’s as if we’re Romeo and Juliet!… this is how I feel.

Kesäkuu Serpent: A beautiful dark night. My heart wrapped in snakeskin is crazy for searching you who shine.

Lokakuu Wolf: Where is lovely cutie Little Red Riding hood? Hanging around in the wood to look for the gift…

Joulukuu Kung Fu Fei: I am No.1! Come and challenge anybody to me!

Toukokuu Geronimo: Their love ends here. They firmly stand on the ground and will head to the different way…


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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #10 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 17:01:04 ip »
Byulit 2008 - 2014

Joulukuu Eris: I am so glad to meet you today!! That’s why I will sing a happy song for you. Can you listen to my song?

Toukokuu Pollon: I always wear my favorite bonnet whenever I go out!!.The sun is so shining and I can’t keep my beautiful big eyes open.

Elokuu Cocotte: Merry-go-around that turns round and round. I am the princess of Toyland. I want to play with you for a long time forever”

Lokakuu Tiger Lily: Haw! Fearless soldier. I step the victory dance Let’s fly to Neverland ! I can stay child… Feel Like so.”

Joulukuu Maya: I am the sweetest HIME girl. Like mint ice cream and raspberry syrup, my kisses are delicious

Maaliskuu Dumbo: It’s a bird, its a plain…no its Dumbo!!

Toukokuu Siry: I compare myself to a Fruit….a cute bright red Strawberry!! Sure is Sweet & Tiny.

Kesäkuu Paulia: Like a Downy cloud… I wonder my white hat keeps flying deep into the sky?

Kesäkuu Lilith: Let’s play chase… I’m the tagger! Can you escape me in the deep dark forest?

Heinäkuu Hermine: Hypnotic Afternoon Tea Party… Bon Bon’s cello wrapping is brightening things up… Looking like sparking jewels.

Syyskuu Lunatic Humpty Dumpty: It makes me so angry!! When people call me an ‘’EGG’’ Is there something wrong with her head?

Marraskuu Rhiannon: Open the mechanical umbrella… Taking the time and slowly taking a walk along the ocean floor… Expose to thirty thousand volts of magnetic field, I dream about…

Tammikuu Matulite: Tonight is my debutante ball… Perfect lady with rose perfume… Will I meet my dream prince?

Maaliskuu Sucre: Riding the marshmallow merry-to-around… I want to go to the fluffy dream world with sugar candies scattered all over!!

Toukokuu Leroy: Decorative dress… I designed it my own but… Am I expressing this world right?

Kesäkuu Sarutobi Sasuke: Oh boy. Alright ─ ─, The – I wonder what ends quickly

Heinäkuu Romantic Queen: Flamingo mallet, a badger ball… Is there anyone who can beat me in Croquet?

Joulukuu Pinoko: Pinoko was given life from the Dr. So, I’m always going to be with him.

Tammikuu Secomi: I’m going to take a nap… on an extra sweet cotton candy cloud while making it rain with candies!!

Helmikuu Paradis: This is a paradise full of mystery… What kind of dream will twinkle star’s music show.

Maaliskuu Stefie: A flower will reprimand you heart. Can you remember… that last flower you saw?

Kesäkuu Cheshire Cat: Alice lost the lost, but do not know where garden, they go to the same emission of either.

Kesäkuu Cordelia: To tea and scones in the garden favorite painted plenty of cream and jam, tea time non-starting with you.

Tammikuu Princess Minty: Cute things sparkling and fluttering lace, wearing full, Princess wonder emissions suit me also?

Heinäkuu Moirai: Is there happiness within the never ending noise? Or sadness? I can change it all or I can end it all.

Heinäkuu Clorinda: Mom! Mom! I tried on a new outfit. What do you think? Am I much prettier than that dirty girl?

Tammikuu Fata: I am a flower fairy… Wearing a pretty tutu… Dancing around and around.
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Vs: Feel like so -listaus
« Vastaus #11 : Kesäkuu 24, 2019, 17:14:23 ip »
Little Pullipit (Alkuperäiset julkaisut) 2005 - 2007

Tammikuu Moon: Cute personality and ability to take action. Found a new me …Protagonist in the mood tonight … Thank you meow

Tammikuu Leprotto: Pajama party tonight!Let’s knock out everyone with special costume!! …Feel like so.

Tammikuu Paja: Roar Roar!! Wanna be strong monster and get costume like this… Feel like this. Let’s have a sweet dream.

Huhtikuu Anne: Like Anne Shirley, I want to dream away that I like surrounding beautiful nature.

Huhtikuu Witch: Kuru Kuru Miracle! Seven colors lights from my tip of finger, my magic is the energy to make everyone happy!!! Feel like so

Toukokuu Noir: In the darkness where I can feel comfortable. Only white moon can shine me …Feel like so.

Kesäkuu Dido: And a little playful, or Amazing, so I want to be friends with everyone!.. Feel like so

Heinäkuu Alice: A wonderland like dream…I am chasing the rabbit and wandering into there…Feel like this.

Syyskuu Panda: I’ll beat the heat! I need to work vigorously today Phew. Feel Like So.

Syyskuu Berry: The sweet taste of the tragic love story. Scent of strawberries is strawberry aroma fragrance scent of love … Feel Like So.

Marraskuu Carol & Rudolph: A holy night on the snowing night, I met a reindeer. Christmas this year is likely to become an exceptionally great night… Feel like this

Joulukuu Fanatica: I LOVE PUNKS! Live hell doll love tonight I enjoy the mood and tone to the bottom of hell.

Tammikuu Riletto: Sleepy sleepy dream time soon …Eyelids become heavy and the mood I want to happen yet.

Helmikuu Swan: My dream from my childhood. It comes true now. Soar!

Maaliskuu Cosmic Mercu: Where Are You? Where Are You? Here Mercu. Aliens captured one fish! Great!.. Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Cosmic Jupi: Yes, here Jupi. Patrolling the universe today. The mood we are going to guarantee security.

Huhtikuu Purezza: Blue sky, white clouds and sounds of waves make me clear. I want to be ‘ Me’ with pure & clear feeling to the end of time… …Feel like so.

Toukokuu Lan Ake: The scarlet kimono and doll are like my style. I love time taking with AI sitting on the veranda… Feel Like So..

Toukokuu Lan Ai: The indigo blue kimono and doll are like my style. I love time taking with AKE sitting on the veranda… Feel Like So..

Heinäkuu Froggy: Singing like Kero Kero, Jumping like hop Step, I am in full throttle in rainy days… Feel like so.

Elokuu Aloalo: Only for you ~~ Beautiful pupils protected GOD Precious love.. Feel Like So

Elokuu Little Purezza 2: Lonely flavor the end of summer. I remembered the love that Ive had to forget…feel like it.

Lokakuu R: Come see me in the moonlight.. feel like so

Lokakuu Raphia: I love pure white like sweetie sugar! My heart and body can be pure white like sugar.. Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Cornice: Raven-black wings, gimlet eye, Is the world a real or an illusion? Oasis like mystery emits dark light… Feel like this.

Joulukuu Assa: MUSIC in my mind anytime. Check new staffs out every day, dance to the beat!!

Joulukuu Aggonya: Toddling-Toddling. Usually in the water, but today I’m taking a walk on the ground. Looking for something delicious.. Feel Like So

Tammikuu Rida: I have been exposed to the cold rain since I can remember… Tears are weak and insignificant… Feel like so.

Tammikuu Calfy: Lowing lowing, I am sitting under the sun in the wide filed of grass. I am already full…Feel like so.

Maaliskuu Principessa: Look at my stately beauty. Nobody is better than me. Do you know why? I am a princess… Feel like so.

Toisen sarjan Little Pullip -julkaisut vuosilta 2008 - 2013

Lokakuu Blue Alice: Pardon me? I feel something strange. What happened? I feel different.

Marraskuu Cheshire: I hate you, but I love you! That’s the way I feel.

Joulukuu Queen of Hearts: I’ll cut this rose! That’s what I feel like doing.

Tammikuu March Hare: Oh…This is so tasty… You drink up and we drink together!… Feels like so..

Helmikuu Dormouse: Hey, hey, hey, stop it now!! I’m not your toy, you know that!!… Feels like so..

Maaliskuu Donkey: Heehaw!!! Let’s go and see Bremen Town Musicians, everybody!!!… Feels like so..

Toukokuu Dog: Bow-wow!! I’ll bite the thief!!!… Feels like so.

Kesäkuu Marine Police Marilyn: My dolphin is my patrol car… Feels like so.

Heinäkuu Bohso: I will cure your heart with my smile!!!…Feels like so..

Elokuu Ms. Green: Silver ranger! Come in!… Feel Like so.

Syyskuu Black Diamond: My pupils are diamond shining in the dark night. I wrap the black veil…Feel Like so.

Lokakuu Moonstone: Sweet happiness seen, in my white silky lace…Feel Like so.

Marraskuu Libra: I measure the weight of love with fair justice… Feel Like so.

Joulukuu Aquel: A quite mid summer afternoon under the shadow of my parasol. I feel like I am swimming deep in an aqua blue aquarium… Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Virgo: Beware of the Flower Pincher, I have a hunch something romantic is going to happen… Feel Like so

Helmikuu Vivi: I’ll stand out at today’s music scene, cause I’m fashion icon…Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Craziia: Booming my voice, life is great pride…. There is nothing more precious in this world…Feel Like So.

Huhtikuu Miki: “Fashion, Love & Texts to my darling”….Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Aquarius: Look inside the Water Jar… What do you see? Do you want to know the secret?…Feel Like So.

Kesäkuu Rovam: Let’s find the next treasure! My dreams are bigger & deeper than the ocean…Feel Like so.

Heinäkuu Phonetika: Let’s hold hands and dance together, making circle!! …..Feel Like So.

Elokuu Himeyuri: Love is brief in Life… Carry you heart…Feel Like So.

Lokakuu Hippopo: Flip the ears and shake the tail… I’m an expert dancer… Feel like so.

Marraskuu Noir: Inside the darkness… That is where I feel calm… The only thing that illuminates me is the white moon… Feel Like So.

Joulukuu Princess Rose: My spirit rose. The turn on the aroma of exotic. Are invited to smell, too close … I’ll have thorns.

Tammikuu Madame Raccoon: I’m not going to say ‘’Ponokopon” like a raccoon, Exciting conversation and delicious dinner…. Now together…Feel Like So.

Helmikuu Seine: Seine, France: The sunlight is beaming through the trees… Under the soft light of the sun… I want to look at you… Feel Like So.

Maaliskuu Angelic Pretty Luce: ♥ Princess of the kingdom of the game ♠ you want to checkmate puppet mood…

Huhtikuu Mir: Until the day I ascend to heaven… I will keep searching the special sacred gem which have my wish granted!!! I pray under the cold water even today… Feel Like So.

Toukokuu Stica: Baking sweets while brewing afternoon tea for my master… I’m a little hungry so I’m going to snack…Feel Like So.

Elokuu Bonita: And knocked me down. I smell violet. You cannot hide my scent is still with you… I feel like so

Joulukuu Rche: Exit the glittering avenue, the avenue towards the bustling I’ll be a lovely day mood…

Maaliskuu Princess Rosalind: In a bright red rose, a red ribbon over this, no other noble princess? Mood...

Toukokuu Nanette: Snow-drenched night shining like a star. Superposed cute clothes… so as not to lose the cold out to take in the footsteps of the first in a snowy field wearing white… I feel like that

Toukokuu Romantic Alice: A cake has to be distributed then split!!! Everything is strange in this world… Feel Like So.

Toisen sarjan Little Dal -julkaisut vuosilta 2008 - 2013

Lokakuu Mad Hatter: I’m so glad it’s not my birthday today.

Marraskuu White Rabbit: Hurry, or I’ll be late!

Joulukuu Pink Alice: Did you know? Alice’s adventure lasts forever!

Tammikuu Soldier of Cards: Wait up for me, Alice!! I’ll punish with rose needle.

Tammikuu Humpty Dumpty: Wait up for me, Alice!! I’ll punish with rose needle.

Huhtikuu Rooster: Cock-a-doodle-do!!! I’ll kick out the thief from my house!!!

Toukokuu Cat: Meow!! I’ll keep a sharp eye on the thief and make him a big surprise!!!

Kesäkuu City Police Jack: Yes Sir! I’ll follow orders from my boss!

Helmikuu Neiryo: Please stay calm!!! Because I’m not a good injector!

Elokuu Silver: Protect human future! Defense Force of Earth of Little.

Syyskuu Pearl: Splendid play! Black & White wedding. Pearl’s feeling “My heart is pure like white feather!

Lokakuu Onyx: My Exotic Gaze, I’m Bewitching You!

Marraskuu Pisces: Twinkle! Splash! I am swimming in the sea of the night sky!

Joulukuu Coral: I do not want to forget the coral colored sunsets of summer. That is why I will wear this dress forever.

Tammikuu Aries: I am flying in the clouds, into the sky using my golden Hair to ride upon.

Helmikuu Janice: I’m not only look, I’m like a sharp knife. So SHARP!

Maaliskuu Jouet: Jolie is steady, Jouet is spoiled…. however, Jolie & Jouet equals good combination!!

Huhtikuu Iena: “Ballet & ESL (English School)’’, I’m really busy after school

Toukokuu Capricornus: Don’t Call me ‘’Goofy’’!! Because I will surprise you!

Kesäkuu Drta: I’m so nervous…my first-time to attend concert nears…but I’m fine because TaTa and lovely my brother are with me.

Heinäkuu Meena: When I wear a garland… I’m the cutest girl in the world!

Elokuu Nadeshiko: Speculative flower arranger… I’m ‘’YAMATO-NADESHIKO’’ Girl

Syyskuu Sona: I’m going to have a wedding surrounded with flower? Because I am special!!

Syyskuu Ximing: Wo Ai Ni❤ I may be a child- husband but my heart is big!!

Syyskuu Pen pen: Sometimes I wobble but I’m actually good at sledding!!

Marraskuu Rot-chan: Sigh…it’s a pain to go on errands.I love taking detours and stopping at places along the way★ I’m going to enjoy my long awaited outing!!

Joulukuu Princess Tulip: Hurry Up and Come! Tulip can’t wait too long.

Tammikuu Lady Vixy: To you who is troubled with romance, I will share my secret to happiness!!

Helmikuu George: Leave escorting the ladies up to me. I am actually a fine gentleman!!

Maaliskuu Lepupu: The twin tail me because I’ll be tied up every morning mama bunny ears!

Huhtikuu Tina: Move more, includes you betrayed my soul more deeply painful, because I’ll never forgive!

Toukokuu Puki: I don’t want any radishes!!! My favorites are fun things!!! I’m not just a rabbit!!!!!

Elokuu Hello Kitty Baby: Please, Please, Hold me tight, I want to be with you forever!!

Joulukuu Cinnamoroll Baby: Napping on the sky clouds… The sun feels so nice!!

Helmikuu Princess Pinky: Put a lot of pink ribbons and flowers, more than anyone else filled with happiness because I am a pretty princess!

Huhtikuu Taurus: Testament to the strength of my high rise air to you, I can not because I want you to find it!

Kesäkuu Romantic White Rabbit: Hurry, Hurry, would be late! I will not go back to Wonderland soon!
The Queen was angry because I’m afraid.

Toisen sarjan Little Byul -julkaisut vuodelta 2013

Tammikuu My Melody: Grandma sewed this hood for me… Adorable, it’s my treasure!!

Helmikuu Princess Minty: Lace and shiny cute things… Like a Princess with plenty of them… Will it look good on me?

Heinäkuu Garcon: I must hurry!! Can’t be late to the party!!!

Docolla (Doll + Collaboration) sarjan Little Pullip/Dal/Taeyang/Byul -julkaisut vuosilta 2011 - 2012

Heinäkuu Little Taeyang Sebastian: My lord, please call checkmate… I am your obedient servant, and a devil and butler.

Heinäkuu Little Dal Ciel: Cannot fall down… If the King falls… The game will be over!!!

Heinäkuu Little Pullip Grell: Show me YOUR beautiful rose color. I’ll cut up all of your color! I’m a butler DEATH… Feel like so.

Elokuu Little Dal Stocking Anarchy: I give in I & II stripes in chop! Such a pleasure, you’ll become a habit, I see from!

Elokuu Little Dal Panty: I can not stand the want to do! Rules because I’ll have to break!

Syyskuu Little Dal Vintage Rock Risa: I’ll tell you RISA’s Secret❤ I’m girl with Rock n’ Roll Spirit!! I want to enjoy every day!!

Syyskuu Little Dal Sweet Risa: I’ll tell you RISA’s Secret❤ I’m girl with Rock n’ Roll Spirit!! I want to enjoy every day!!

Lokakuu Little Dal Gachapin: Afternoon after the rain… the streets and the green are both sparkly and shiny… Looking at the rainbow in the sky… I’m going to go out in a girly mood!!!

Marraskuu Little Pullip Mukku: Today I am forgiving Mook.Each lot of the adventure

Marraskuu Little Dal Ika Musume: I’m the invader from the sea, Ika Musume!

Joulukuu Little Dal Cha Cha: I am always making mistake but… Someday, I’m going to be a real magician!!!

Joulukuu Little Byul Creamy Mami: PANPUL BINPUL PAMPOPPIN!! My Secret Magical Power…. Am I a celebrity?

Joulukuu Little Pullip Kenshin: Putting my life in this sword and soul… I am going to conquer this life’s battle…Feel Like So.

Tammikuu Little Dal Kyubey: My name is Kyubei. Make a deal with me and I want you to become a magical girl!!

Helmikuu Little Byul Oompa Loompa: Came from Loompa Land… A playful hardworker, Loves to Joke!!!

Heinäkuu Little Pullip Vocaloid Miku: Pop and Cute Electro-Diva Let’s Get Riled Up Tonight!! Resonate, My Voice…Feel Like So.
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